Our products and solutions comes in bundle or in ala-carte model with simple pay as you use model to minimise the cost for IT that your business needs to endure.

Our products and solutions comes in bundle or in ala-carte model with simple pay as you use model to minimise the cost for IT that your business needs to endure.

If you are confused about your needs and requirement specifications and scalability, our expert team will guide you to the exact right cocktail for your benefits.

Our 24/7 support will always be at your beck and call to ensure there is no downtime and guarantees a zero loss infra-management.


From basic network to humongously complex Software Defined Networking, no one equals us at simplifying. Deployments and integrations of Next-Gen SDN and SD-WAN is our routine. We have helped our customers achieve an unprecedented ROI with the adoption of these cutting edge technologies. Our solutions are light on assets and rich on returns, with a nominal investment our clients reap phenomenal returns. The technologies completely eliminate conventional dependencies, dramatically enhances performance with incorporation of security at the minutest levels. They are fully optimized and automated to ensure seamless business.

Laptops & Workstations

KPlus provide wide range of the hardware solutions including Workstations, Desktops, Laptops and standalone devices. We have exclusive partnership with leading OEM’s HP, Dell for providing devices which are on-demand, scalable and supported with latest specifications to handle any workload of daily operations without any hassle.

We have exclusively partnered with Microsoft to provide the latest enterprise software both Windows 10 Enterprise as well as Windows Server Edition (servers) with guaranteed software updates to protect your systems from security vulnerabilities.

Our partners include Cisco for their wide array of solutions for communications and networking.

Virtualisation and containerisation are the next steps of digital transformation of operational assets and resources, VMWare opens the window for limitless desktops with each individual specifications and customization.

At KPlus, we ensure you get all your needs sufficed no matter how small or big your requirements are.

The only limit to your business should be your vision, we will take care of the rest.

PC Solutions
Managed Printing

Managed Print Services is the ideal solution for businesses that regularly rely on printing and have a widespread print environment.

We provide the requirements assessment, selective or general replacement of hardware, and the service, parts and supplies needed to operate the new and/or existing hardware. Comprehensive reporting, analysis, streamlining, optimization of the printing requirements as well as prediction of the usage.

Managed print solutions not only helps in reducing the overall print cost of your business but immensely help in reducing the carbon footprint of your organisation.

Managed Print Solutions
HCI - HyperConverged Infrastructure

Availability of high end blocks and stacks of cloud infrastructure with dynamic and fluid scalability takes our IaaS to next level of optimization and adaptation. The Hyperconverge infra portfolio accentuates by bringing all the compute, storage and networking entities under single umbrella and readymade system designs speeds up the Continuous Integration pipeline.

Meet the cloud era heads on by accelerating all your mission-critical workloads with maximum power, support and protection.

Hyperconverged infra Solutions
BYOD & Wireless

Enable the workspace of tomorrow by adopting new age technology solutions from our partner at Cisco providing impeccable benefits and immersive experience.

Access your network from anywhere with containerised and tunneling support. Availability of BYOD, without the worry of misuse of your sensitive and classified data on any device.

With comprehensive security coverage, the local and global networks are always protected from any random or targeted security threats. The efficiency of the networks are controlled and boosted based on the user’s utility and availability thereby giving seamless and high powered usage all the time.

Our wireless solutions support for Wifi-6 for bigger bandwidth and higher speed.

Segregation of network for IoT devices, so your critical network don’t use and send data through the same channel.

Mobility and Wireless Solutions
Total Security

KPLus security solutions offers end to end highly advanced and complete security systems, including CCTV Surveillance, Access Control System, Monitoring system, alarm system and door-lock systems for dedicated development and support centres.

Our plethora of options for security will make to cover and mitigate all the physical and virtual threats, risks and hindrances.

Security solutions comes in a package or stand-alone features completely customisable based on your business needs.

Security Solutions
Data Storage

From edge to core to cloud, streamline your storage needs with multiple data storage options powered by the latest Intel high performance processors and with the latest data storage hardware technology including SCM, NVME. Hardware options are indexed and ranges from very high ultra performance based to utility friendly affordable options.

Workload Solutions specifically for SAP deployments, scalable Machine Learning infrastructure and other industry specific and use case based options available.

Data Storage Solutions
Data Center A-Z

KPlus server and systems offers software-specific, enterprise level servers and server systems that cater all our server requirements to help your run your business in high speed.

Our server portfolio includes Rack and Tower servers, Composable and Hyperconverged Systems.

Solutions to maximise server performance, flexible and changeable components are available to provide all the E2E solutions as far as server needs are concerned.

Server and Systems Solutions
Collaborative Solutions

KPlus’s intergrated collaborative solutions with software embedded with hardware and operating system. With Microsoft’s integrated office suite with cloud support will leverage all the office applications like Word, Excel and Powerpoint and offer new realtime sharing editing options with many users at the same time from different devices. OneDrive, Sharepoint and Teams offers not a peer to peer sharing site but also used extensively for project management, practices, insights and reporting.

Collaborative Solutions
Cloud Migration

Look nowhere else when it comes to cloud. It must be overwhelming for any business to adopt a flexible cloud adoption and migration strategy and practice, well, don’t think, just let us know your acceptance criteria we will provide you the most comprehensive solution to your use cases specifically designed for your needs.

Our motto for providing the best in the craft cloud solutions in based on the mantra of flexibility, resiliency. Our technical team will provide constant and 24/7 support for any issue and roadblocks.

Use the resources you need when you need them and pay on your terms. Get the best of both worlds: all the control of a private cloud with the benefits of public cloud consumption by leveraging our other hardware solutions.

Cloud Solutions
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