How KPLUS can you help you to run your business as smoothly during this crisis

As paradigm shift in the business services and processes has affected utmost for most of the sectors, domains and units, it is imperative that the onus of continuing the same lies on the hands of the technology sector.

We as a technology provider are in the frontline more than ever as businesses look to survive and thrive in this unprecedented and crucial times. Our believe all business serve a purpose to the humanity as a whole and it is our responsibility to manage that in delicate hands to ensure continuity.

A popular word in the technology and software domain “Disruption” is coming back to haunt in some other manner today in a different context, and the least we want is your business today being ‘disrupted’ by this pandemic.

Our series of products and solutions is created on a framework of BCP (Business Continuity Processes and Management), therefore we can say we do provide that end-2-end infrastructure, support and security that can help your business to continue as usual (BAU).

Resources for Working from Home

WFH Hardware and Infrastructure:

The need of the hour is to provide as much as desktops, laptops, mobile devices and other end-devices that is absolutely necessary as a bare minimum for your business to keep afloat.

We can provide that in bulk and/or in limited quantities on demand and/or in quickest time possible so that you don’t face no downtime in deployment and support in operations.

These devices can be procured permanently or leased as per your requirement and analysis of the per-project or per-resource based estimation. All hardware devices are updated with the latest operating system (as preferred) and updated with the latest security packages.

We also arrange for the latest in line desktop hardware in least procurement time in case your business require high intensive machines for dynamic and power-hungry resources.

WFH Virtual Systems/ RDS/ Virtual Desktops

The most of the development pipelines and resource-heavy business processes as well as high-end analytics now happens on the server side instead of the local clients, it is quite natural to opt for services that help and enhance the mechanism to securely connect and operate the remote machines and servers.

We at KPLUS provide a plethora of options for Virtualisation rangiing within all the scopes of the systems and OS and security. From VMWare to RDS to Citrix XenApp, you name it we have it. We can provide all these vendors to ensure any local systems with correct security protocols can access your servers and machines from anywhere in the world from their homes. Please check our product Virtual Place for more information.

Please note, even if you don't have this infrastructure in your plans, please reach out to our teams to know more about how to set up fresh servers and remote hardwares which can enhance your business and save you the cost of maintaining and running on-premise systems which is a big disadvantage now. By using the cloud system specifications we can assign you hardwares on-demand which can be up-scaled or down-scaled within minutes as per your needs.

This virtualisation is not only limited to accessing and creating our hardware resources but also can be leveraged to gain accesses to the local client machines in your office which you may longer able to operate due to official travel restrictions and lockdown. We understand in an ODC atmosphere, or in a client-directive most of your customer data and application may reside in the local machines in the office premises, but by using the Virtualisation and secure networking protocols this deadlock can be resolved and your local machines can be remotely accessed from home using our VM/ RDS solutions.

Last but not the least our exclusive partnership with Microsoft enables all their strength in a cloud connected world to be provided to you. Microsoft’s office collaboration tools and apps are created on their robust platform of ever-dependent Office applications now with the enhancement of cloud support and synce and collaborative features. Your business workflows, your project management specifications and all the jargons will still be handled seamlessly and effortlessly using the power of the Microsoft tools and solutions, since we are their prime partners we can help you in kick starting and rolling your business on a fly.

Our partnership with HPe’s enterprise solutions for financial services and business services provides you a window of opportunity to migrate your in-house data which is prone to inaccessibility due to the lockdown. Once migrated you can continue your business deals, details, records and their necessary insights and analytics from the ease of your home. All kinds of cloud solutions for your enterprise are ready with its full potential so that you don’t stop doing your business.

We are all in this together

Our mantra to overcome this roadblock is to believe that nothing can stop us. We as a humanity have evolved to fight and find solutions to problems no matter how hard we fall down. We are our best when we are backed against a wall. This is the time where we can fight together and win together. Technology has come a long way with a motto of making our life easier, today if we don’t take the leap and embrace the true potential of technological solutions, and ensuring our businesses and services remain unstoppable.

It is a challenge given the situation to keep all the windows and pathways open to all consequences, however, whether you are a small business or an mammoth enterprise, we are just a call away to provide all kinds of solutions well suited and adjusted based on your requirements.

Remember this is not a showstopper but just a hiccup, we are all in this together and we will surely overcome this like we have done through the course of our history.

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